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4 Ways to Get Your Child to Brush

Once your child has started to get their first teeth, you might feel a bit lost as to how you are going to successfully help them take care of their teeth all by themselves everyday. Here are four easy things you can do to get your kids comfortable with brushing their own teeth everyday:

Start Early: Pediatric dentists encourage starting to clean your child’s teeth as soon as the first tooth comes in, and even before by gently wiping gums with a clean cloth. By making “brushing” apart of their daily lives for as long as they can remember, it will be much easier to ...

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What to Do about Toothaches

Any parent that has survived the stress of teething knows that toothaches can be some of the worst experiences for new parents. There are unfortunately some stressful and unhappy moments when your child gets a toothache for the first time, or what might seem like the millionth time, but this is a normal part of every child’s development and there are things you can do to help.

Toothaches may keep your child from going to sleep, and they might not be able to tell you exactly where it hurts, these are both distressing elements for a parent. It’s important to stay clam when your ...

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Root Canals and Children

When it comes to dentistry and teeth, there are two words that strikes fear in the hearts of everyone: root canals. Popular opinion is that these procedures are painful, irritating, and something that only adults have to deal with. The truth is that root canals are a serious procedure, but an important one in maintaining good dental health overall—and they can be necessary for anyone.

When Are Root Canals Necessary?

Root Canals are necessary in children usually after a trauma to the mouth or tooth. Tooth decay can also be a source of problems that lead to the procedure. You might think that a knocked out or decayed baby tooth isn’t ...

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In addition to brushing, the same recommendations that dentists and oral hygiene experts are making for adults apply to kids. That’s right, the thing that you might often forget to do, but need to get in the habit of is important for your child as well: flossing.

When to Floss?

Experts agree that as soon as your child has two teeth sitting in a row, it’s time to start cleaning that space out and making sure that they don’t get particles of food with corrosive sugars stuck in small spaces that a tooth brush imply can’t reach.

When you see two teeth fully formed together in your child’s mouth, start flossing there ...

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Baby Bottles and Tooth Decay

For the parents of many toddlers, whose baby teeth have just come in, they might be faced with a shocking sight: tooth decay. You might find yourself wondering how it’s possible that kids at such a young age have already developed oral hygiene problems when all they’ve really had so far is a baby bottle. Well, the answer is right there in your question.

A lot of parents are unaware of the potential hazard of the extremely common baby bottle: tooth decay. Sugars are everywhere, even in milk, and a side effect of the design of almost every sippy cup and bottle is that their surfaces are very easy for children’s ...

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Sodas, Juices, and Teeth

It might seem like no day is complete to your child until they’ve had a fizzy soda.Especially with pizza parties, barbecues, and after school, they’re a delicious treat that many kids consume without realizing the harm they’re doing to their overall health and in particular their teeth.

Effects of Soda

Did you know that some researchers believe that soda can be just as harmful to teeth as drinking battery fluid? This might seem like an exaggerated and shocking comparison, but the truth is that sodas start wearing away at enamel and causing decay after just three minutes of consumption. If you count up all the minutes in a day that your child might be drinking soda after soda, ...

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Preparing for a First Appointment

There are a lot of doctor’s visits to check off the list during your child’s first year. Unfortunately, one of the scariest for a baby can be the dental appointment. Even though dental appointments are entirely routine and important, they can feel invasive and strange to anyone—but especially a baby who has no idea why someone would want to poke around their teeth.  Here are some great ways to help your little one feel more comfortable in the dental chair that first time.


A big part of how pediatric dental appointments go with children depends on their parents. It’s not just anxiety inducing for the kids, parents can get nervous too. ...

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