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Special Visits from the Tooth Fairy

The first time your child looses a tooth can be a very exciting time, especially for households that hold up the tradition of the tooth fairy. Telling children that they will get a reward in exchange for their teeth creates a special excitement around pulling out those baby teeth that really marks the occasion, but parents who are looking to make it extra special should check out these suggestions for a new spin on the classic tale.

Create a Receipt- Want a special way to commemorate your child’s tooth, make a record, and teach them a real world lesson? Use photoshop or powerpoint to create ...

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Your Baby's Teeth

A lot of new parents find themselves wondering what to do about their baby’s oral health. After all, baby’s have no teeth to investigate, clean, or discuss with a dentist, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming soon nor that the baby’s mouth should be ignored. Starting practices for genuine good oral health as early as the first few months is the best way to start a lifetime of hygienic practices to keep your child on track throughout the eruption of their baby teeth and eventual growth of their adult set. Here is a list of things to keep in mind with ...

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Periodontal Diseases

The term periodontal disease often confuses people. They’re not sure what it means exactly, and more importantly, they often assume that it’s reserved as an adult-only problem. The truth is that there are three types of periodontal disease, some more common than others, and they can happen to adolescents just as easily as they occur in adults. It’s important to check for these types of problems early and often because without proper treatment, they can develop into serious issues that will haunt your child’s teeth throughout their adult life.


Gingivitis is the most common form of periodontal disease. Simply put, gingivitis is inflammation of ...

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Better Snacks for Better Teeth

It should come as no surprise that probably the most important part of maintaining healthy teeth is your child’s diet.The primary source of tooth decay is sugar and refined carbohydrates. Foods and drinks that are high in sugars and these carbs react with the bacteria that lives on teeth, creating harmful acids that can lead to major issues and pain for your children’s mouths.

Snacks That Cause Tooth Decay

Here is a list of snacks to avoid. Some entries, like juices, fruits, and bread, might surprise you. The problem is that even natural sugars can cause tooth decay, but this doesn’t mean that you have ...

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Babies and Pacifiers

Sucking is a natural reflex that all babies develop. For some children, they have been doing it since the womb—literally before they were born! This is why pacifiers are comforting to nearly every child in the world. Mothers everywhere have been using pacifiers for centuries to calm crying and cranky babies, and that can lead to a special attachment.

Most children will naturally loose interest in the pacifier, stopping around the age of 2 up to the age of 4. Some children though develop a level of comfort with the pacifier that they are not willing to give up easily.

What’s Wrong With Pacifiers?

Many parents ...

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Keeping Your Kid's Teeth White

For adults, there is a lot of pressure to make sure that teeth stay sparkling white. It’s a sign that we take care of ourselves, take pride in our appearance, and don’t give into bad habits. With kids, we may have the natural inclination that their teeth should be just as sparkling, but often with children’s teeth the gentlest approach possible is the best and a lot of whitening agents are not so gentle.

When Can Kids Whiten Their Teeth?

Both professional and at-home teeth whitening systems can lead to overly sensitive teeth, so it’s best to not expose younger children to these procedures. Experts ...

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How Important Is Flossing?

Just about everyone understands the importance of brushing teeth everyday, but for many adults, flossing is an extra step that they skip out on far too often. It might seem that brushing and mouthwash should be sufficient for keeping your teeth clean, but floss was specifically developed with the intent of getting to the space that toothbrushes and mouthwash miss—in between teeth.

Since you can’t see this area as easily, it might be harder to think about it or take it seriously, but the reality is that plaque, tartar, and bits of food get lodged in these tight, tiny areas. With a location at ...

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