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Preparing for a First Appointment

There are a lot of doctor’s visits to check off the list during your child’s first year. Unfortunately, one of the scariest for a baby can be the dental appointment. Even though dental appointments are entirely routine and important, they can feel invasive and strange to anyone—but especially a baby who has no idea why someone would want to poke around their teeth.  Here are some great ways to help your little one feel more comfortable in the dental chair that first time.


A big part of how pediatric dental appointments go with children depends on their parents. It’s not just anxiety inducing for the kids, parents can get nervous too. ...

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All about Braces

It’s very common for kids to be getting adult teeth that aren’t growing in straight. Crooked teeth, overbites, and under bites are all common problems that can distract from having the perfect smile. Braces are the solution to these problems. They might seem just as unsightly and annoying as a crooked smile, but recent advances have made them better than in previous years and the long-term benefits they provide easily outweigh their look and discomfort. If you think that your child might need braces in the near future, here’s a run down of what to expect.

Today’s Braces

Compared to traditional braces, today’s gear is much smaller and much more efficient. They ...

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New Year's Resolution: Best Foods for Teeth

With the New Year upon us, everyone is making resolutions. Most of them are about trying altering diet to stay healthier and get into better shape, but another benefit of changing your eating habits is healthier teeth and gums. This is a great reason to change things up for the healthier, and one that applies to your kids as well.  Here are some of the most teeth friendly foods, make it your 2015 resolution to make sure they get incorporated into your children’s diet this new year.


 Instead of stocking up on salty chips or sugary sweets, make sure your kids have access to plenty of crunchy vegetables for the perfect, ...

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Prepare for Teething

Teething can be a scary and difficult time for parents. There are a lot of rumors floating around that can make people very nervous and unsure about what exactly to expect. Knowing the basic timeline for teething and how it will affect your baby is the best way to be aware of what’s normal, and what might be a cause for concern.

Teething Symptoms

Your baby’s first tooth should pop up around the fourth month, but it can take up to ten. From then on until around the age of 3, your child’s mouth will slowly fill up with new baby teeth. This is the time when your child is most likely ...

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Dental Radiographs

A common tools used by dentists is dental radiographs, or X-rays. This technology might seem dangerous for children because of exposure to radiation, but in fact it helps find problems that are much more dangerous if left untreated.

There’s no need to be nervous about young children, even infants, having an x-ray as a part of their regular exam, and to put your mind at ease here is more information about X-rays and how they help your pediatric dentist better help their patient.

X-ray film will mainly help dentists find cavities, but they are useful for planning orthodontic treatment, diagnosing any potential bone diseases, checking to make sure that erupting teeth are ...

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The Importance of a Good Diet

In order for your child to grow and develop properly, they need to be eating a healthy diet. This is particularly important for their teeth, which are sensitive to everything they put in their mouths. For their gums and enamel to fight off tooth decay and gingivitis, they need to not only avoid high amounts of sugar and starches, but also eat balanced meals and learn healthy habits to practice for the rest of their lives.

Cutting out excessive amounts of junk food like potato chips and candy is the first step, but it does not guarantee that your kids’ teeth are safe from problems. Sugars and starches can be found ...

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Preventive Dentistry

Taking your kids to the dentist regularly is the best way to fight against potential problems like tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis, but making sure that your children’s teeth are developing as healthy and safely as possible doesn’t stop there.

Preventive dentistry means taking active steps to protect your children’s teeth from harm before there’s a problem.

As soon as your baby has had its first tooth, preventive dentistry should begin. With a pediatric dentist you can design a personalized plan that includes the standard brushing and flossing routines as well as diet counseling and more to make sure that your child is on the road to great oral health.

The key to ...

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