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Good Dental Hygiene Affects the Way Children Perform at School

Dental care is becoming a highly necessary for school going children. Studies show that bad oral care can affect the rest of the body. Chronic medical problems can stem from moving bacteria due to bad dental hygiene.

Bad oral health is also linked to cardiovascular issues and truancy at school due to dental problems. Dr.Chad Gailbraith, of Galbraith Mountain Pediatric Dentistry, in Washington, says that there is a direct correlation between a child’s dental care and how well they perform at school. Children can often miss school because of dental neglect too.

The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation mentions, that approximately 17 million children in ...

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Tips for Vacation

A lot of families are probably getting ready to go on a big, fun vacation just before school gets going again, but just because you are leaving behind your regular worries and routines doesn’t mean you should skip out on a strict oral health schedule. Being on vacation usually leads to more sweets, sodas, and other foods that can have a negative effect on dental health. It’s important to enjoy yourselves of course, but don’t leave brushing flossing, and all the rest behind. Follow these five steps to make sure your kids keep up with their teeth no matter where they are:

  1. Be up ...

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What to Do about Sensitive Teeth

A common complaint, among both kids and adults, is sensitive teeth. Pain that comes in teeth from brushing, eating, or drinking–especially when it’s a food that is especially hot or cold–is called hypersensitivity and it can range from an annoyance to the sign of a real problem. If your child is complaining about their teeth being especially sensitive, don’t ignore it and talk to your pediatric dentist as it could be the sign of a cracked tooth, a worn-down filling, gum disease, or a cavity.

However, if tooth sensitivity seems relatively mild and none of these more serious issues are found, here are some ...

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Why You Should Care about Your Kid's Gums

When it comes to your kid’s oral health, it’s easy to fixate on the teeth. Worrying about cavities. lost teeth, or the potential for braces is important, but teeth only make up half of what a pediatric dentist will deal with to ensure that your children have a lifetime of proper oral health. We’re talking of course about gums! They get upstaged by teeth quite often, but they should not be ignored when it comes to creating a healthier mouth overall for your child’s life.

Keeping Teeth in Place

Your teeth can be completely cavity free and spotlessly white, but that won’t matter one bit ...

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Common Children's Procedures

For most parents, a trip to the pediatric dentist entails routine teeth cleaning and nothing but good news. However, not every kid will be so lucky. Cavities, problems with gums, teeth growing incorrectly, and other issues can lead to more serious procedures. For the most part, none of these procedures should be any more cause for concern than a regular visit, and a lot of them are preventive in nature, making sure that your child’s teeth stay as healthy as possible.

Take a moment to learn about some of the most common procedures that pediatric dentists perform and how they can help your children ...

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What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry involves implementing practices that will keep your children’s mouths from harm. There are many ways that you can avoid tooth decay, spaces, and crooked teeth. Start asking your dentist about what preventative measures are best for your child and make sure that you are following these basic preventative measures everyday.

  1. Brushing and flossing- Probably the most important aspect to all preventative measures you can take with your children’s teeth is regular brushing and flossing. Discuss the proper length of time for brushing and strategies for getting your children in the habit of flossing each and every day.
  2. Fluoride- Fluoride has some opponents, but the American ...

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Space Maintenance

For the majority of children, baby teeth will be lost and a healthy adult tooth will be waiting underneath to spring up and take its place. Unfortunately, the threat of tooth decay or the daily dangers that come from children running, playing, and knocking out a tooth could lead to a gap in their mouth, or a space. When this occurs, pediatric dentists will usually recommend some “space maintenance” in the form of a space maintainer usually made from plastic or metal. Like braces, these maintainers will keep teeth straight and in line as they continue to grow.

Why Use a Space Maintainer?

It’s true ...

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