Braces Systems

Enjoy the Latest Technology at Sporting Smiles!

Getting braces isn’t what it used to be.

Are you are looking for a bright, cool, colorful look or would you like a treatment option that is virtually invisible?

At Sporting Smiles, we are proud to offer braces that are efficient, comfortable, and technologically advanced

Low Profile Silver Braces

The orthodontics field has seen a great deal of innovation. Even so, the most popular type of braces continues to be silver-colored metal brackets with wires! 

Your comfort matters to us, so we offer a "low profile" design with a smooth finish. These braces are smaller, more comfortable, and more esthetic than the braces offered in the past, and the smooth finish is easier on the delicate tissues of your lips and gums. If you'd like to personalize your look a bit, you can wear your braces with brightly colored O-rings! 


ADVANCED Ceramic Braces

While Clarity ceramic braces work like braces made of metal, they are far less noticeable! Made of translucent ceramic, the material blends in with your teeth, allowing the braces to essentially hide in plain site. Other types of ceramic braces can stain, but Clarity ceramic braces don't, so you can smile all you want!