Pediatric Emergencies

Is there a worse feeling than seeing your child in pain?

We know how stressful a situation this can be, and that's why we do our very best to be there for you when you need us.

At Sporting Smiles, we accommodate dental and orthodontic emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Virginia cities of Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow, Nokesville, and Warrenton. You may reach our doctors directly by phone (703) 743-5937 or email.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can show up in a number of different ways. One type of emergency is when an injury occurs to the teeth or gums. Another type of emergency occurs when infection hits. 

In both cases, we urge you to call our practice right away so that we can assess the situation and determine the best approach to relieve your child's pain and protect his or her oral health.

Some of the most common pediatric emergencies we see at our Gainesville pediatric dental office include: 

  • Broken or dislocated teeth
  • Teeth that are lost too soon
  • Injuries to the gums, lips, and tongue
  • Decay that has hit the nerve of the tooth
  • Infections (which often present as unexplained pain or swelling)

If you aren't sure whether your child is experiencing an emergency, that's okay. We'd much rather that you call us so we can double check and help if needed.

Dealing with Lost Teeth

One common question we are asked is whether anything should be done if a child accidentally loses a tooth too soon.

If your child damages or loses a tooth that is not yet wiggly to a fall or a fly ball, reach out to us. In some cases, the tooth would have been lost soon anyway and you can go ahead and prepare for a visit from the tooth fairy. In other instances, however, we may need to look at using a spacer or other treatment to prevent the other teeth from drifting out of alignment and causing problems that may require orthodontic treatment in the future.

Baby teeth are actually crucial to your child's dental development. As they are coming in, they help your child learn to eat solid foods and speak clearly. They also act as placeholders for the developing permanent teeth. As the permanent tooth is ready to move into place, the root of the baby tooth begins to dissolve. This allows the tooth to become loose and fall out in time for the permanent tooth to take its place.

In addition to losing a tooth too early, problems can also arise if a baby tooth is lost too late. Sometimes this happens because of injury to the tooth. The tooth's nerve dies and the root fails to dissolve. This can result in the permanent tooth erupting in an unusual or incorrect place or even becoming impacted, which can lead to infection and abscess. Regular visits will help us keep an eye on your child's dental development and make sure everything is progressing as it should.

Is Your Child in Pain? Call Now!

We will see your child as quickly as possible to relieve his or her pain and plan treatment. Please give us a call right away so we can help.