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Which Are the Most Widely Used Treatments for Treating Dental Caries in Primary Molars?

September 21, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

Caries treatment, or treatment for tooth decay is essential. But when you need to treat primary molars there are usually only three choices which your dentist is faced with. The Hall Technique, involving sealing the caries using a preformed crown, a pulpotomy, and the traditional restoration procedure.

Here I will point out which treatment are most successful and widely used for dental caries or tooth decay.

Pulpotomy is essentially the removal of the pulp which includes the diseased aspect of the tooth. This is done primarily to keep the verve of the pulpal tissue which remains. If the tooth gets a cavity, the bacteria can damage the pulpal tissue. This is usually when you feel “tooth ache”, where the pulpal tissue becomes inflamed. If the inflammation continues, infection can spread further.

In baby molars, a pulpotomy is used to try to and save and restore the tooth, so it is done by removing the decay, with a spoon excavator. Although a pulpotomy is a widely used technique, it is not the most effective as the procedure does not work as well if the tooth has already turned into an abscess. A pulpotomy is a reliable procedure and way to save a badly decayed baby tooth.

Another popular technique is The Hall Technique. It is a method for managing tooth decay in primary molars, and the decay is usually sealed under preformed metal crowns. The patient does not need to be put under local anesthesia, and there is no need for caries removal or tooth preparation such as in the previous procedure. Studies which have been thoroughly documented, have shown that The Hall Technique is more effective than restorations placed by dentists. Alongside that this technique was the preferred method to conventional restorations by a majority of dentists.

The last method covered here is the conventional tooth removal and extraction technique. One of the most common questions asked by parents is whether their child needs to have their baby teeth removed. Most baby teeth fall out on their own, but sometimes having them removed by a trained practitioner is beneficial if the teeth are already infected.

Each technique has their advantages but the most recommended treatment for primary molars is the one which is the least invasive and causes the least discomfort for the patient. Primary molars or milk teeth usually rot due to several reasons, including bad eating habits, not brushing properly or regularly, but prevention of decay in the first place is usually the best way to go if you want to avoid the trip to the dentist for any treatments highlighted above.

Preventative measures are usually the best bet when it comes to looking after your teeth. Parents should ensure that they are introducing better habits to their children from an early age, and frequent visits to the dentist are advisable for children aged as young as 1.

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