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How to Encourage Dental Care for Children

July 11, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

Dental care for children, we have a predisposition to do the things that give us pleasure. Whether it is playing with friends a the park, playing videogames, or simply eating your favorite candy bar as a snack, children want to do something they consider as fun – and as a complete opposite, they abhor doing something that is dull or boring.

Sadly, dental care can sometimes be seen by children as something boring – something like a chore that they have to do because their parents told them so. But how can we, as adults and parents alike, encourage dental care for children?

Lead by example

Luckily enough, our children see us as their heroes, idols, or what have you. As parents, we are obligated not only by human nature, but by law as well to ensure that we raise our children in a healthy environment, give them a good education, and make sure that they receive adequate medical attention, clothing, support, and dental care as well.

If you want to raise your children as god-fearing, tooth-brushing children that make it a point and a habit to thoroughly and correctly brush their teeth at least twice a day, then you need to step up as parents.

Brush your teeth together with your kids, teach them how to do it properly, and make them see that brushing their teeth is not just good, but is actually good for you as well.

Make brushing your teeth family time

Children, as they grow up, want nothing more than to be with their parents. And that means they will gobble up every single second that they could if it means they can spend more time with their parents who may be busy all day because of work.

So spend as much time with your kids! Even if it means brushing your teeth together.

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