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February 16, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

In addition to brushing, the same recommendations that dentists and oral hygiene experts are making for adults apply to kids. That’s right, the thing that you might often forget to do, but need to get in the habit of is important for your child as well: flossing.

When to Floss?

Experts agree that as soon as your child has two teeth sitting in a row, it’s time to start cleaning that space out and making sure that they don’t get particles of food with corrosive sugars stuck in small spaces that a tooth brush imply can’t reach.

When you see two teeth fully formed together in your child’s mouth, start flossing there once a day, usually right before bedtime. Showing them the importance of this part of dental care now will help them to build good habits that could last a life time.

What Floss Should We use?

You might be wondering if there is a special type of floss to use used for kids since they will usually have such a smaller area to floss on a daily basis. The truth is that traditional floss can be a challenge, especially in the beginning. That’s why a flosser or colorful flossing buddy could be the perfect solution. Flossers have a special grip that makes it easy for kids to hold onto and then slip the floss between their teeth. For just starting out and getting used to the idea, these are a great introduction.

If you want to be more thorough as their teeth continue to develop, you can start to ease them into using traditional string floss, but just make sure to stress the importance of flossing at least once a day and reaching every area that brushes won’t be able to get. Even if your child never likes the traditional string and decides to stick with a flossing buddy, that’s OK. Just as long as they’re flossing and not showing any signs of stopping.

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