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The Importance of a Good Diet

December 21, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

In order for your child to grow and develop properly, they need to be eating a healthy diet. This is particularly important for their teeth, which are sensitive to everything they put in their mouths. For their gums and enamel to fight off tooth decay and gingivitis, they need to not only avoid high amounts of sugar and starches, but also eat balanced meals and learn healthy habits to practice for the rest of their lives.

Cutting out excessive amounts of junk food like potato chips and candy is the first step, but it does not guarantee that your kids’ teeth are safe from problems. Sugars and starches can be found in lots of different food, from peanut butter to even fruits and vegetables. The key is balance, variety, and avoiding foods that have the most cavity-causing potential.

Sticky candies like toffee or dried fruit are not easily washed away and so there is greater potential for sugars to build up on teeth and eat away at enamel. Processed foods, even some that don’t taste sweet, also usually contain high amounts of sugars. Start checking nutrition labels for sugar content and choosing your children’s snacks wisely.

Children’s teeth also need the proper levels of fluoride, so in addition to choosing the healthiest foods, make sure that your children are getting fluoridated water. Most communities have already added fluoride to their water, but if yours doesn’t, water with added fluoride can be bought at almost any grocery store.


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