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Orthodontic Dentistry Is a Noble Profession

February 22, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

Orthodontic dentistry is a special field of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of incorrectly positioned teeth in your jaw. It is a special field that requires further training after getting your degree in dentistry. Give your dentists a bit more respect and look at them in a new light. You would not believe the number of lives they have helped over their entire careers. Truly enough, dentists do deserve to be called doctors.

Dating back to the middle ages, dentists started out as a guild of barbers. You read right, barbers. Dentists, back in the day, were called lay barbers. They performed services that ranged from shaving, bleeding, and tooth extraction. Fast forward to 1723, and you will find Pierre Fauchard, otherwise known as the Father of Modern Dentistry. His book, Le ChirurgienDentiste, was credited as the first to comprehensively describe the practice of dentistry which covered anatomy and function, dental techniques, and even the construction of dentures. Fast forward again a couple of hundred years to the year 2016, and you will find that the dental profession has flourished into a worldwide industry that helps men, women, and children of all walks of life to live a normal life with strong and healthy teeth that is not crooked, nor riddled with cavities.

Orthodontic Dentistry brings back the sparkle in the smiles of people

Gone are the days when you would be embarrassed to flash your teeth in front of people when you laugh or smile. If you are brave enough, orthodontic dentistry is the solution to all of your dental problems. It straightens out your problematic teeth, no pun intended.

Picture your favorite romantic comedy. Did you ever see the leading man or woman flash a big smile with crooked teeth? Probably not. Heck, even Tom Cruise got his teeth fixed when his star rose to fame. Although you may not be the next Tom Cruise, you should still ought to get your teeth looked at.

OrthodonticDentistry ancient roots

Dating as far back as the time of the Egyptians, people were already obsessing over straight or properly aligned teeth. And it comes as no surprise as well. By nature, people are predominantly concerned about their physical appearance. Teeth, of course, come as no exception. Before braces were invented in the 19th century, various procedures that ranged from finger pressure to putting ligatures as an attempt to close off gaps in between teeth.

You see, even as far back as 1000 BC, people were already concerned about how their teeth looked. And considering how far back that was, you’ve got a whole lot of history to look at before the advent of the friendly neighborhood dentist engaged in orthodontic dentistry.

Therefore, dentists dedicate their lives to making sure that you have perfect and healthy teeth. And when you think about it, it’s not such a bad way to live out one’s life, right?

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