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The Paramount Need of Dental Care for Children

February 29, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

Dental care for children is needed during the formative stages because their bodies rapidly develop. They grow taller, become bigger, stronger, and eventually, their jaws start to take form as they get more mature facial features. Did you know that good oral hygiene has a huge influence on facial features? Take for instance an old person who has to wear dentures to fill in an otherwise empty jaw devoid of teeth. Their faces look different with and without their dentures.

What you do for your child’s oral hygiene early on would spell the difference in their development

Growing up is tough. You go into puberty, and you have all of these emotions and feelings you never knew existed during your younger years. You start to become more self-aware. You start noticing the impact and influence that you have with the people around you. Dental care for children, as you might unknowingly suspect, would play a vital role in a child’s development. Do you think a child entering puberty would be confident and brimming with self-esteem if they have a rotting tooth in the front of their jaw? Perhaps not.

So, you need to take better care of your children’s teeth. Sure, as parents, we would want them to have things that we never had growing up. Let them eat food such as sweets and chocolates that we would only get at very rare instances. But, as with all things, you need to shower your children with gifts and treats with moderation. And, even if they do get scared of the dentist, it is your job as a parent to make sure that they still go nonetheless.

There is a link between heart disease and oral hygiene

Do not even think for a second that your teeth is only there for you to wolf down on food whenever you get hungry. Such a statement would lead you to believe that the loss of your teeth would only have repercussions as to the type of solid food you can ingest. However, studies have shown that oral hygiene does have a direct link to heart disease; such that poor oral hygiene increases your risk of heart disease quite significantly. In short, there is a direct causal connection between the health of your teeth and gums and your heart.

Now, if you think poor oral hygiene for your children is okay because well, they are children after all, think again. Do not run the risk of exposing your children to heart disease at a very early age. You need to protect them so they would grow up to be strong and healthy.

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