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What Is Pediatric Dentistry and Why Is It Important?

October 26, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

Pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty that deals with oral health care of infants, children, adolescents, and people with special health care needs. Pediatric dentists provide comprehensive dental evaluation for young people in order to prevent dental problems. Children should visit dentist in order to determine if there are any problems with teeth development or for parents to be advised on proper diet for their children to prevent oral diseases.

A pediatric dentist also evaluates infants’ breast-feeding or bottle-feeding habits, overall oral hygiene and treats dental problems to ensure that they have healthy teeth. The following are some of the services offered by a pediatric dentist:

Comprehensive examination

Pediatric dentists advise parents to have their children’s oral health examined at an early age in order to prevent oral problems. They perform oral examination on young people to evaluate their oral hygiene, tooth development, and advise on the appropriate diet that will help them maintain oral hygiene.

Prevention and Treatment

Infants’ oral hygiene should be checked regularly by dentists to prevent dental diseases that affect the child’s smile. Pediatric dentists will offer preventive services such as oral examination, cleaning of the teeth, sealants and perform x-ray to restore the child’s oral health. In the process of offering preventive services, the dentist can determine whether there is a need for treatment and will include the following:

– Stainless steel crowns
– Root canal therapy
– Composite fillings
– Tooth extraction
– Amalgam fillings

All these procedures are explained to parents before the dentist perform them on their children. Doctors also ensure that they provide a friendly environment to make patients feel comfortable in order to receive quality treatment.

Children may require sedation to prevent anxiety and make them relax for the dentist to offer extensive treatment such as when removing teeth. Oral medication is meant to make your child drowsy so that the dentist can carry out a surgical procedure. This is done by offering nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that keeps your child drowsy, but conscious.

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