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December 5, 2019
Posted By: Natasha Khurana, DDS, IBCLC

To Our Valued Sporting Smiles Families, 

Those of you that have been with us for a while may have noticed some of the changes in our office this year, and YES we are so proud, our team has grown! With the addition of two amazing dentists, we found it appropriate to re-introduce ourselves and touch base on what many of you have asked about, ‘What’s Dr. Khurana up to?”

We pride ourselves here on exceptional patient care and truly focus on creating a fun, all-inclusive environment for each child that enters our office. Our practitioners maintain a treatment philosophy that allows us to connect with our patients and develop a healthy, trusting relationship with even our most apprehensive patients. 

Our doors first opened in the summer of 2012 with Dr. Khurana as the sole provider; now just a little over 7 years later we have grown to include 3 additional doctors, Dr. Speicher, Dr. Nirali (Mehta) and our orthodontist, Dr. Vahab!

By now, you have likely had the opportunity to meet our very sweet, gentle and profound, Dr. Speicher or have been greeted by our lively, adventurous and  meticulous Dr. Nirali. Both Dr. Speicher and Dr. Nirali have been extraordinary additions to our team and each carry their own unique personal and professional experience that attributes greatly to their success in a pediatric dental office. 

Dr. Speicher has been practicing for over 30 years, she understands and values the importance of patient-focused care. She upholds a prestigious position with the American Academy of Forensic Dentistry and practices this skill frequently; traveling as needed to study dental records and to identify dental remains. Dr. Speicher channels her lengthy background in dentistry along with her extracurricular dental commitments when working towards a treatment goal for her patients, and advocates strongly towards maintaining routine preventive visits and accurate dental records. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, and her puppy Sadie, who is in training to be our next therapy dog. 

Dr. Nirali (Mehta) joined us this summer and has already managed to make a significant impact on our team! Her vibrant, encouraging demeanor has contributed to many successful treatment visits for patients. While completing her dental program at Midwestern University, she was also able to join a dental mission trip to Tonga and volunteered with multiple philanthropic organizations including, Super Sealant Saturday and Give Kids a Smile. She continues to grow her knowledge and stay up-to-date on all of the new dental technologies by attending multiple courses each year. 

Dr. Khurana and her team at Strong Ties

As for Dr. Khurana, many of you know she has a skill-set and a passion for helping children in all stages of their development. Throughout her own experiences becoming a mother, she found a need in the community and is working to fill that by serving the littlest of patients and their caregivers; offering orofacial, lactation and maternal support services. She has proudly opened an additional set of doors in Rockville, Maryland, Strong Ties. This practice, however, focuses on a different aspect of pediatric and maternal care, and in it’s short 12-months has become an important bridge for families. 

Dr. Khurana is truly one of a kind.

As one could imagine, opening a new practice, especially one that is dedicated to another specialty, is quite a time-consuming task. In order to prepare for providing these services, Dr. Khurana committed herself to obtaining her IBCLC, attended numerous courses dedicated to the services offered within her new practice, and trained closely with other professionals at the top of their fields. 

In addition to Sporting Smiles and her new practice, Strong Ties; Dr. Khurana maintains privileges at several of Northern Virginia’s hospitals and performs dental rehabilitation cases weekly, traveling to each location to provide care for children and young adults whom are unable to tolerate dental visits in a traditional office setting. Not only does she provide hospital dentistry to our Sporting Smiles patients; Dr. Khurana maintains a strong network of referral sources, and treats patients referred to her mobile dentistry practice, Hospital Dentistry for Kids, as well. 

Managing patient care for 3 dental practices can be a challenging task, and requires a strong support system of trusted professionals, Dr. Khurana painstakingly interviews and evaluates any dentist that she chooses to add to the Sporting Smiles team. She then has practiced alongside both Dr. Speicher and Dr. Nirali extensively; both of whom exhibit an extraordinary standard of care and share a treatment philosophy with Dr. Khurana. 

We hope the next time you see Dr. Khurana you have the opportunity to congratulate her on her successes, as we, her whole team, are so very proud of her, and the work she does for the Greater Washington community as a whole.  We also appreciate all of our patients and their families so very much, please feel free to reach out to us, at any time, should questions arise. 

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