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Sodas, Juices, and Teeth

February 2, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

It might seem like no day is complete to your child until they’ve had a fizzy soda.Especially with pizza parties, barbecues, and after school, they’re a delicious treat that many kids consume without realizing the harm they’re doing to their overall health and in particular their teeth.

Effects of Soda

Did you know that some researchers believe that soda can be just as harmful to teeth as drinking battery fluid? This might seem like an exaggerated and shocking comparison, but the truth is that sodas start wearing away at enamel and causing decay after just three minutes of consumption. If you count up all the minutes in a day that your child might be drinking soda after soda, it could quickly add up to an incredibly amount of damage.

The sugars contained in soda are particularly susceptible to being broken down by bacteria on the teeth and transformed into corrosive acids that lead to hypersensitivity, cavities, and a yellowish tint to teeth that is difficult to reverse.


Some people will swap out sodas for juices, like orange or apple juice, thinking that this is the best alternative to the sugary, fizzy drinks. However, even 100% natural juice is still filled with sugars that can also lead to cavities. Juice is also usually highly acidic due to the nature of citrus fruits. So, unfortunately, swapping juices for sodas is not the best solution.

You might find yourself wondering what can possibly be done if even juices could be harmful to children’s teeth. But, the real problem here is balance. It’s the constant sipping of juices that leads to cavities and decay, not just one little bit. Also, the real deal—fruits—is always better. For oral and overall health, your children should be drinking water the most, juice every so often, sodas almost never and eating an array of well-balanced meals that include lots of veggies.

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