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Spring and Summer Sports – Don’t forget mouth guards!

April 29, 2017
Posted By: Natasha Khurana, DDS, IBCLC

Spring is already here and the outdoor sports action is starting to heat up here in the Gainesville and Haymarket communities. While many parents spend money on helmets, shin guards and other protective equipment, many forget about mouth guards.

Concussion prevention is definitely on the rise in all sports and new technology in helmets has helped, but did you know mouth guards are just as important even if not playing a high contact sport. Mouth injuries can occur during any type of physical activity, mouth guards help prevent damage to teeth, but also protect jaw and surrounding bone and tissue from damage too.

Mouth guards can be purchased almost anywhere. Local drugstore and sports retails shops sell generic mouth guards to fit all sizes. The most common on the store shelves are known as boil-and-bite mouth guards. They provide adequate protection, but custom mouth guards have been shown to outperform generic store bought versions.

Custom mouth guards can be made at your local dentist’s office. Sporting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Family Orthodontics can assist families with young children or those with braces in obtaining a custom mouth guard. Already a patient? Discuss with Dr. Natasha or Dr. Vahab about it during your next appointment or can set up a special fitting appointment. We have appointments available for new patients to visit the office and discuss at the earliest available consult.

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