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Technological Advances in Pediatric Dentistry

August 17, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

Advances in Pediatric Dentistry are not very well known, nor have many Pediatric dentists adapted their old procedures and methods in recent times.

There have however been new technological advances in the field of Pediatric Dentistry, which dentists are just getting to grips with. The newest technology, which has been introduced to the market is the hard-tissue (Er; YAG) laser.

This gadget garners many advantages for the pediatric practice. For one, the laser has the ability to perform restorative surgery in early primary teeth using only topical anesthetic.  This is greatly beneficial for patients, as the need for sedation is greatly reduced, making the practice more efficient, as well as reducing the costs incurred to patients.

Many patients who required sedation, now do not require it as the laser has eliminated the need. There is no real discomfort for patients either as there was when using a traditional hand piece to carry out the preparations.

The main, and the most attractive functionality of the Er:YAG Laser is that patients do not feel any chatter, as there is nothing touching their teeth. The Er:YAG laser also sterilizes as it prepares hard tissue, which results in a cleaner preparation with less chance of postop complications.  The ease of use, coupled with less discomfort for the patient, makes for a better patient experience, reduces patient anxiety and greatly enhances the degree of care that the dentist can provide their patients.

Parents always want better care for their children. The use of technology to make the visit to the dentist the best possible experience, is the greatest investment a pediatric dentist can make for the longevity of their practice.  By keeping up with the new trending technology to make procedures virtually painless and clean, is just the start in giving patients a better experience.

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