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How to Tell if You Need Braces

February 15, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

Are you going to wear braces? Find out why.

So, growing up, you never paid much attention to your teeth. All you knew is that it was there, it was tough enough to wolf on the hardest of candies, and the crunchiest of fried chicken. And for a time, it was good. But then, you realize, as you grew, your teeth started to get crooked. And by crooked, we mean like an earthquake just ripped through your jaw and shook up the whole arrangement of your teeth. Now, one tooth has a 15 degree angle, the other a five degree angle, when in truth and in fact, it was not supposed to turn out that way.

What do you do? Write to the tooth fairy? Concede defeat and accept your new crooked teeth arrangement? Not so fast, your dentist might want to have a quick word with you first. And by quick, we mean an appointment on whether or not you are a candidate for braces.

So, how does one know if you need braces?

If you cover your mouth when you smile, you might want to get some metal in there

If you are ashamed of your smile, you might want to pay a visit to your dentist. Get braces! Your whole life does not have to be that way! Can you imagine how tiring and draining that is to you? That would sap the confidence right out of you, and you will suffer in the long run. Imagine yourself in a date with a beautiful man or woman, you crack a joke, you and your date burst into laughter; you start to laugh as well, but cover up your mouth with your hand. Your date starts to notice and starts to suspect that something is afoot. Is there broccoli stuck in between your teeth? Oh wait, no. Your teeth are crooked.

That, right there, is a huge confidence killer. Not to mention a huge turn off to your date as well. Do not be deceived, appearances play a huge part in first impressions. And you definitely do not want to be remembered as the guy with the crooked teeth. Get braces!

When brushing your teeth won’t get rid of all the food particles in your mouth

The trouble with having crooked teeth is that it makes brushing your teeth a little bit tricky. You can rely on the normal up and down, or left and right motions. Crooked teeth usually harbor food particles that may have been stuck or jammed in between them. This can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Getting braces can save you from this trouble. In fact, you might even save a lot on dental expenses if you bite the bullet early. A nice set of teeth equals to lesser trouble of having food particles getting stuck in between your teeth.

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