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5 Tips on Taking Care of Retainers

October 5, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

The orthodontic retainers that children wear is both expensive and fragile. This means the retainers should be handled with care. The following are great insight and retainer care tips. Following the rules guarantees your child a lasting and a beautiful smile.

Proper storage

The best and safe place for the retainers is in the mouth. However, when the child is brushing or eating, they need to remove them and store them properly. Remember, nobody want to eat at the table with a retainer staring in front of them. A common mistake with both children and adults is wrapping them in a napkin; this risk having them thrown away or as well you might forget them. Always ensure they are stored in the dentist case. The retainers should also be kept away from young children and dogs, as they love chewing them.

Cleaning the retainers

When the child is brushing the teeth, the retainers should be brushed as well. Submerge the retainers in white vinegar for 2 to 5 minutes. Remove the retainer and scrub it with a toothbrush. Vinegar is the best cleaning agent as it loosens any deposit. To neutralize the vinegar taste, brush the retainer with toothpaste and put it back in the child’s mouth.

Wearing program

The kid should wear the retainers as advised by the dentist. For most kids, they are told to wear them around the clock, but remove them when eating or brushing. To achieve the best results follow the recommended program for your child.

Avoid any manual adjustments or repairs

In case, a wire break or accidentally become bent never attempt to manually correct them. It is advisable to visit your child dentist to have them checked and any repair done.

Getting acquainted with using them

Immediately your child has the retainers fixed, they may experience discomfort when eating or talking. Give your kid soft food that is easy to break such as soup, eggs, and cereals. Avoid meat and hard-crusted bread. Let your child practice singing, speaking loudly in front a mirror. This ensures they only take a short period to get okay with the retainer.

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