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Special Visits from the Tooth Fairy

June 15, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Natasha

The first time your child looses a tooth can be a very exciting time, especially for households that hold up the tradition of the tooth fairy. Telling children that they will get a reward in exchange for their teeth creates a special excitement around pulling out those baby teeth that really marks the occasion, but parents who are looking to make it extra special should check out these suggestions for a new spin on the classic tale.

Create a Receipt- Want a special way to commemorate your child’s tooth, make a record, and teach them a real world lesson? Use photoshop or powerpoint to create a receipt for the tooth. Marking it with the name of the tooth lost, the amount paid, and the date makes it feel like an official receipt–the perfect opportunity to teach children about receipts in the real world and the names of their different teeth. This is also the perfect opportunity for parents with a creative side to really express themselves with the design.

Make a Tooth Box- As a fun activity with your child, you can take a regular matchbox, some construction paper, and stencils to create a special “tooth box”. Get the shapes of teeth and decorate them with different colors, or even some glitter, them paste them onto the box along with different colors. This will be the perfect place for children to place their teeth, finding money in their place the next morning. It makes the whole occasion feel more important, and it also provides a simple solution for parents who get frustrated trying to sneak under their kids’ pillows without waking them.

Create a Story- Everyone knows that the Tooth Fairy comes and exchanges money for teeth, but there are few who could tell you why. All children are curious and love the question of why, so get ready to give them some answers. Come up with as lively of a backstory as you want, including fleshing out all the details on the tooth fairy’s home, which will give you the perfect opportunity to introduce our next idea.

Write Letters- Since your child’s dental health lasts all year, there’s no reason to not make the tooth fairy’s presence last a little longer too. Take the time to write the tooth fairy letters with your child about their oral health. There’s no reason the tooth fairy can’t be like Santa Claus, rewarding good behavior. Create letters to let the tooth fairy know how often your child has been brushing, when they visited the dentist, and anything else they want to share with their tooth fairy friend.

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