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My braces are giving me mouth sores. Can you help?

Traditional bracket-and-wire braces can sometimes be associated with sore spots on the soft tissues of the mouth, like the insides of your cheeks and lips and sometimes the tongue. While this is a fairly common problem, we know it doesn't feel good. 

Fortunately, we have a few solutions to help you get through this until the skin inside your mouth adjusts to the new braces. Topical anesthetics like Ora-Gel and Orabase are usually helpful for relieving the discomfort. Plus, they include ingredients that will help the sore spots heal! You can reapply this medication as frequently as you need to. Just make sure that you are using a cotton swab to apply it and not your finger since you don't want to accidentally introduce bacteria to the sore and cause an infection. 

We can also look at options like wax to cover the corners of the brackets, but we don't recommend that you use this too frequently because it won't allow the skin to adjust to the braces. If your braces continue to cause discomfort after a couple of days, please let us know. We can double check that there aren't any sharp areas on your brackets and adjust them if there are. 

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