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When and how do I clean my baby's teeth?

At Sporting Smiles, we stress the importance of starting healthy habits early.

From the moment you bring your baby home, start cleaning your baby’s mouth before he or she even develops those first few teeth. Your baby's gums and tongue can be effectively cleaned with moistened gauze, a soft cloth, or a silicone fingertip brush while you are giving your baby a bath. Developing this habit early makes it easier for both you – and your child – to stick with it.

When your child’s first tooth erupts, you can make the switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head. These are available for infants, and we are happy to provide a product recommendation if you'd like. Use this brush at least twice a day, and particularly at bedtime, to remove the bacteria build-up that leads to decay.

Children often do not have the manual dexterity needed to effectively clean their teeth. For this reason, we recommend brushing for your child until they are 8 years of age and flossing for them until they are 10 years of age.

To learn more about fluoridated toothpaste and other recommended products, please call our Gainesville, VA dental office today. A diligent approach to home care now will help your child maintain optimal oral health. 


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