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How do dental sealants work?

The chewing surfaces of your teeth, particularly the ones in the back, have a number of deep grooves. These grooves have a tendency to trap food particles, which makes them prone to cavities.

We apply sealants to fill in these grooves, a fast, comfortable, and effective preventive treatment that protects the teeth for several years. Sealants are a thin plastic coating that we paint onto the surfaces of the teeth and then cure to harden into place. Because they are tooth-colored and usually placed on the back teeth, they are mostly unnoticeable and don't interfere with your child's dental development or ability to speak and chew foods. Your child's safety is important to us, so at Sporting Smiles, we provide sealants that are 100% BPA free.

We typically recommend sealants on all permanent molars with deep grooves once they are fully erupted. If a child is at very high risk for developing cavities, we may also recommend sealing baby teeth.

Each child’s individual needs are taken into account when deciding on a plan for treatment. Call our Gainesville pediatric dental office today to schedule a visit. We'll discuss your child's needs with you and determine the best way to protect their teeth throughout their childhood.

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