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What should I do if food gets stuck behind my braces?

It can certainly be embarrassing to get a piece of food stuck between your teeth and behind your braces! Not to mention, it's usually pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately, it's an easy fix. Just a single piece of dental floss is all you need.

To prepare the floss, tie a knot in it. This knot is going to be what you actually use to remove the food. Thread the floss between your wire and your teeth and gently run it so that the knot pushes against the piece of food and pops it out. 

No floss handy? You can also use an interproximal brush (a type of brush with a long, slender tip that can be used to clean between teeth) or even a plain old toothpick. Just be gentle so that you don't injure your gums or damage your braces by bending the wire. 

If you still can't get the piece of food out (or you've accidentally bent your wire), please call our Gainesville orthodontic practice today so we can help. You don't want to leave food trapped. It can lead to bad breath, decay, and even gum disease. Avoid eating extra crunchy foods or sticky foods, since these can damage your braces.

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