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What happens if tooth is chipped or broken?

If a tooth breaks, whether or not it can be saved depends how severe and where the break or fracture is. It ultimately depends on if it is an enamel fracture, dentin fracture or pulp exposure or crown/root fracture, root fracture, alveolar fracture. It is not necessary to save the broken piece of a tooth, but can assist in determining extent of damage. However there may be chance it cannot be bonded back to the injured tooth. Treatment varies depending on the injury. However, do treat the area with ice and pressure to reduce swelling and stop any bleeding if any. Then reach out to local Pediatric Dentist to determine next steps of treatment. It is recommended to take pictures on parents cell phone to help diagnose extent of injury and if emergency care is needed.

If child has suffered a serious injury call 911. If child has suffered a concussion call pediatrician or visit local Emergency Room.

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