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Myths About Braces

At any moment, there are over more than 5 million children and adults in the US currently wearing braces. At Sporting Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Family Orthodontics we want to make the experience of wearing braces a positive one. Therefore, we want to dispel many of the popular, weird and myths about braces:

Can Braces Rust?

NO – Braces are made of high grade medical metals, like titanium alloy, and therefore will NOT rust.

Can I Play Contact Sports Wearing Braces?

YES – Wear a mouth guard! Mouth guards are for everyone, whether they wear braces or not. Mouth guards not only save teeth, but may also protect against jaw fractures.

Am I Able to Play A Musical Instrument While Wearing Braces?

YES – Of course you can.

Can Braces Become Locked Together if Two People with Braces Kiss?

Almost Impossible – It is extremely difficult to lock braces while kissing as today’s braces are much smaller and sleeker.

Do Braces Set Off the Metal Detectors at The Airport?

NO – The amount of lightweight medical grade metals used in braces will not affect metal detectors.

Do Braces Interfere with Electronic Devices or Radio Signals?

NO – Braces are not magnetic nor do they interfere with popular electronic devices or your favorite radio station.

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