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How important is it to stay current with your orthodontic treatment appointments?

After your braces have been placed, you will be placed on a 4-6 week recall schedule. Before you leave the office is it important to set up your next periodic orthodontic treatment visit, this will help keep you current with all of your appointments. Scheduling and keeping your orthodontic treatment visits up to date allows our office to maintain an accurate record of your orthodontic treatment needs and progress. This also allows us to monitor your oral hygiene and any additional concerns, or unexpected necessary repairs during the course of treatment. 

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene and following the dietary guidelines set forth during orthodontic treatment are two very large contributing factors in staying current with orthodontic treatment. While it is common to require a few slight repairs to your brackets, wires, and/or appliances; frequent broken brackets, misplaced wires and/or loose appliances can have a large impact on the duration of treatment. Frequent, unexpected repairs or replacements can set back the patient in their care - following directions along the way will allow your treatment to progress the way it should. 

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