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How can I prevent my braces from irritating my lips and cheeks?

It takes some time for the skin inside your mouth to adjust to the new appliances on your teeth. In the meantime, though, we can help you feel more comfortable. 

One of the tools we'll provide you with is orthodontic wax. Here's how the wax works: 

  1. Pinch off a small piece of your wax and roll it into a tiny ball. 
  2. Flatten this ball and then place it over the spot on your braces that is causing the irritation. Press it into place and mold it around the bracket. 
  3. If the wax falls off (or you don't have any handy), you can also use a small piece of wet cotton. Even a little piece of orange peel is often enough to smooth out the uncomfortable area. 

The wax will help you eat more comfortably, speak more clearly, and just plain feel better since it provides a sort of buffer between the edges pf your brackets and the soft tissues of your cheeks and lips. If you swallow the wax, don't worry. Wax is perfectly harmless! 

One thing to remember about wax, however, is that it's designed to be a short-term solution. If the irritation persists, please call our office so we can look at other options or whether adjustments need to be made to your brackets. 

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